4 Best WordPress Plugins to Use for Marketing and SEO

Today we have compiled a list of the top WordPress plugins used by top SEO experts in the industry this time around. We would like to remind all of you that you don’t have to use all of it. Each works in a different way depends on how you use it in the marketing and SEO process. We suggest that you should choose and use the ones that best suit your needs only.

For those of you who are familiar with these plugins, some of the premium plugins have distinct advantages over the free ones. You can learn more about them and decide which SEO plugins are appropriate for your blog. Here are the following WordPress plugins that might help you with your marketing and SEO journey. If you think there are any WordPress SEO plugins missing from our mentioned list, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we would be happy to review them and possibly add in the list for future posts.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

This one is a best free SEO plugin for WordPress. This single plugin takes care of many aspects of your WordPress blog’s SEO. It’s pretty complicated if it is your first time to use WordPress plugin for your SEO marketing. This plugin integrates features from some of the more popular plugins like Robots Meta and RSS footer.

Broken Link Checker

This one is a very useful plugin whenever you are into finding all internal and external broken links like 404 links in your site and blog posts. These 404 links are nothing but a dead end for search engine spiders so it is highly advisable that you should remove such links to avoid any disturbances with your traffic update. This plugin may have some issues with certain blog posts. It is possible that it could even freeze your hosting for a while.

SEO Smart Link WordPress Plugin

This one will let you automatically link your words to any post link in your site or to other sites that you may use. With SEO Smart Link WordPress plugin, it is very useful for on-page optimisation process. By finding your site’s high ranking keywords using the Google webmaster tool, you can boost your site’s ranking. Before you use this plugin, you need to be certain of your internal linking, and be aware of Google’s linking algorithm.

SEO Friendly Images

One last thing, this is for your SEO and marketing process as well, when you optimize your images, you can also drive a significant amount of traffic form image search engines when the time comes. Even though it is 1 or 2 percent of traffic from your image search engines, it is still a lot and that is a good news too. This plugin adds ALT attributes into your images, though you need to take care of the image name.

If you are on the process of researching various SEO WordPress plugins for your site, you may want to simply use the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin as we suggested because it offers most of the features offered by many other individual. But you can use also the other ones which depend on what your site really needs. If you think I have missed any essential or helpful plugins, do let us know in the comments section.

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Everything You Need To Know About Tumblr as a Marketing Tool

Have you heard about Tumblr? What does it mean or how will it affect for brand content? Tumblr will surely place a priority on retaining its viability as a content channel through which brands can tell a story and connect with consumers regardless of what happens to the newly acquired platform from an advertising and financial standpoint.

If you can master the use of Tumblr, it will also ensure that your branded will work and you can broadcast your content far and wide. Here are the things you need to know for producing successful content marketing efforts on Tumblr:

1. Choose format properly

When considering Tumblr as your marketing tool, you need to expect changes from the beginning. This is for your information that content marketers can use Tumblr to their advantage. If you have a choice between promoting a branded photo and a video, you might consider posting the photo to Tumblr and using the video somewhere else. Consider which content formats your Tumblr followers are most likely to engage with and share.

2. Follow and share the content of your followers/fans

It is an important courtesy that shows your brand is listening and appreciates what they have to say or posted that might be relevant to your business as well. Many brands are not considering this kind of idea or practice for various reasons but in Tumblr, every share is really important. It’s a good way to get to know your followers, as well as to expose yourself to their content, which might be something you can use as part of your overarching content strategy.

3. Incite emotional response with your content

It is easier to do that and that is the beauty of working with a visually stimulating platform like Tumblr. When you respond with photography and video than with words, it is somewhat memorable and it has a high potential to spread virally all over the internet. With the help of photo-based instructions, this successful content marketing approach served to bring out the kid in this kid-friendly brand’s followers.

If your brand’s personality doesn’t lend itself to whimsy, you can also try something more dramatic.

Responding to your followers and sharing their contents can also bring you more views and recognition from different parts of the world. Tumblr, just like Facebook and Instagram, they are more organized when it comes to photo sharing and video posting. It is a way to show their emotional side and become part of the community.

When you want to consider using Tumblr as a marketing tool this time around, be sure you are active when it comes to sharing photos or posting videos related to your business niche. The months to come will bring changes to Tumblr advertising, but what isn’t likely to change is the vital role Tumblr can play in your brand’s successful content marketing strategy. You need to use it wisely, often times and use it well in order for you to succeed in making it your marketing tool.

7 Important Things You Should Know about Social Media Marketing

Deciding to give your best in creating a stronger social media presence is the best way to do in order for you to grow your business in the right track could really be a big deal especially if you are just starting up. But the main question is where do you begin?

When you are trying to grow your business, taking the first step into joining the social media marketing, it can be really overwhelming and too much for you to do so. Nowadays, there are so many options for you to try it out and there are so many sites and platforms too for users and to search for great contents for you to use. It is a lot to process, right? What are your overall goals for marketing your business? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Basic Objectives

Before you can really begin to take your social media to the ladder of success, you need to start with your basic objectives. Aside from that, you need to ask some key questions about your main actions. Answering basic questions will help you guide your site to the direction of your social efforts.

2. Be selective at first

We all know that there are tons of social platforms all over the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. The list just goes on and on for you to start making your social media presence known even more. You need to start small and be selective when it comes to social media. Choose only one or two sites to start out and make sure that the ones you choose makes real sense for your business.

3. Target audience

You should also choose sites and content strategy and others as you are about to develop your social strategy. Now, who are your audience? These are the people that you need to target depending on what your business is offering like for products or services. Most social media networks will influence everything. Research your intended audience before you make any final decisions about where you will focus your social efforts.

4. Catchy and memorable name

Your business name is your record holder and it should be catchy and memorable in the eyes and ears of the public. When it comes to your social presence, you’ll want to create a handle that people will recognize across all of your social brands. You should always remember that the kind of handle you are making will work best for your business. Ensure its availability on the various social platforms by doing some research.

5. Social media team

In the online world, you need to have your own resources to execute great planning into social media marketing. Once your social presence begins to scale, you won’t be able to handle every aspect yourself. You need to start building a social media team for your business. You can start by trying to build a team of people who all bring different strengths to the table.

6. Posting methods and scheduling on your social sites

One of the key questions guiding your social efforts is the way and the time you post on your social sites. When posting for your social media platforms, it all depends on which sites. Ensure each post, tweet or piece of content is relevant to your audience and adds value.

7. Play with the volume and timing of your posts

You need to always share content that is different and you need to venture into new social sites that aren’t in the mainstream yet. Eventually, then you’re ready, you can begin to branch out and try new strategies.

Conclusion: There is a wide world when it comes to the social media sites out there with a range of different uses. Do not forget to begin with your basic goals and consider them as you decide on a social strategy, an audience and an identity. Everything takes time and won’t happen overnight.

5 Lessons about SEO Experience for Beginners and Experts That Will Blow Your Mind

No matter what kind of business you are handling and working this time, whether it is in small or large industry, local or international, if you are always relying on the Web traffic for sales or even for your marketing process, you must always remember that you should also need to learn and master SEO (search engine optimisation) for the benefits of your business and to your personal growth as well. If you don’t have any idea on how SEO really works, you can also hire an SEO specialist you can find in the internet.

You must know that no matter how great or how good-looking your website is, with so many pages to visit and plenty of multimedia that could trigger the interest of your visitors, if your site isn’t consistently attracting targeted visitors and eventually converting them into customers, then your site or your ideas are not doing such good things. It can have a negative impact or revenue when you don’t mind about it.

This may be your time to consider hiring a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert online or through personal contacts or whether it is an employee of yours. You can also hire an individual consultant or from a direct SEO consulting firm in your local community or it might be in the international part. The things you need to consider when hiring a Search Engine Optimisation expert is that he or she knows how to review your site like for example about your business goals and targeted visitors. Aside from those factors, your SEO expert should also identifies strategies that could help improve your search engine rankings as well as page views with your social media accounts or your online presence.

Here are five lessons and qualities that you should know when you hire an SEO expert for your business:

1. Experience in SEO

Anyone can call themselves an SEO expert and can even build their own firm or SEO agency if they would but that doesn’t mean that they know everything and they know what they are doing. We can say that you are an SEO expert based on the years of experiencing what works and how to do a good job with it. In other words, an SEO expert with years of experience will be able to look at any website and know exactly what are the things needed to be done for it in order to gain more search engine traffic. Hire an SEO expert that have years of experience when it comes to search engine ranking and developing.

2. Understands the Three SEO Levels

This means that all SEO consultants or companies need to understand all the technical limitations and issues that search engines may have, and they need to be able to articulate those to the developers of your website so that the issues can be minimized.

3. SEO Track Record and Success

Check the current references when hiring an SEO expert to discuss how the SEO Company helped them succeed.

4. Knowledge in Marketing

SEO is a lot like traditional marketing too. Your SEO expert should be marketing savvy while leading your business to a sale.

5. Curiosity is Essential

While you hire an SEO expert that has the knowledge, skills and passion for search engine rankings and page views, you need to consider also that he or she has this curiosity as a person. An SEO expert is the one who is deeply curious and constantly investigating how things will work even better. They have fresh mind that is hungry for information and growing even more for new knowledge.

What do you think about our SEO tips this time? Comment below your thoughts!

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